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Training Programs 


We understand the importance of providing tailored training options to help your organization excel in social media management.


In-Person Training Sessions:

We can arrange in-person training sessions at your local or national offices, bringing our expert trainers to you.


Our experienced instructors will work directly with your executives, providing comprehensive training on social media management.


We'll equip your team with the skills and knowledge to effectively run your social media channels through interactive sessions.


This personalized approach ensures the training aligns with your organization's unique goals and requirements.

Online Self-study Course:

Alternatively, you have the option to purchase our online self-study course.


This option will allow your executives and other team members to learn at their own pace and convenience.


The course provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of social media management.


Our self-study option will thoroughly explain effective social media practices, from content creation to engagement strategies and analytics. 


Hybrid Training Program:

As we are all former Union executives and DLs, we understand that every local will have unique training needs. That's why we offer a hybrid training program allowing you to choose the focused modules you want to learn.


This customizable option combines the benefits of in-person training and online self-study.

With our hybrid training program, you can select specific modules from our comprehensive curriculum that align with your priorities.


Whether it's content creation, Facebook, Instagram or other channels, you can tailor the training to address your specific needs.

Our Union trained Discussion Leaders will closely support you, addressing your questions and concerns, providing valuable insights, and helping you apply the skills acquired during the training.


With their guidance, you'll learn to leverage social media platforms effectively for your Union's growth and engagement.


Contact us today to discuss your training needs and explore how Counter Balanced Canada can support you in developing your social media expertise. Let's empower your team to excel in social media management and unlock the full potential of your online presence.

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