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Social Media 

A social media strategy is crucial for Unions to succeed online by reaching their membership quickly and effectively, even on platforms primarily used for entertainment.


 By understanding the social media platforms where members are most active and engaged, unions can choose the narrative and deliver their messaging, updates, and calls to action through engaging content that resonates with their membership. 


Through strategic planning and content creation, Unions can capture members' attention in their leisure time, building stronger connections and encouraging active participation in the Union's initiatives and campaigns.


Leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of our former Union Executives, we have the tools to reach your membership effectively.


Our skilled social media planning team works hand-in-hand with your dedicated communication teams and locals, utilizing the photos and videos they capture regularly.


With meticulous attention to detail and a creative approach, we enhance these visual assets and optimize them with search engine title tags and relevant hashtags.


This optimization strategy boosts the visibility of your content, making it easily discoverable by individuals interested in union membership,  labour, and social justice-related topics. 

Union Advertising
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Social Reach 

Our comprehensive social media management and advertising service for unions covers content posting on selected channels and the creation of impactful ads for social media platforms.


Our experienced team excels in designing and executing targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


We develop persuasive ad creatives aligned with the Union's objectives, optimizing them for maximum reach and impact.


By leveraging the power of visual storytelling and compelling copy, we ensure that your ads effectively communicate the Union's message and drive engagement with the target audience.


Partner with us to amplify your Union's reach and achieve your advertising goals across social media platforms.

Union social media help
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